12. August 2015

Ionovation receives SME Instrument Phase I funding for IonoChem drug delivery system

Ionovation GmbH, a biomembrane research company located in Osnabrueck, Germany, was awarded a grant in the highly competitive Horizon2020 SME Instrument Phase I scheme for its innovative trans-membrane drug delivery technology IonoChem.

"In the SME Instrument scheme only the most promising and disruptive technologies are chosen for funding", says Dr. Karsten Gall, CEO of Ionovation GmbH. "We feel very honored; the positive feedback from Brussels shows that it was worth putting in the extra effort for developing a promising new technology that will help us grow beyond our current product line of biomembrane analytical products and services."

With the IonoChem method drugs can be modified to pass through cellular membranes more easily. "Many drugs do not enter cells in sufficient quantities to be effective", explains Professor Helmut Rosemeyer, University of Osnabrück and one of the inventors of the IonoChem method. "With IonoChem we add a lipophilic tail directly to the drug molecule which makes it pass through the membrane more easily. We think that this is a highly promising drug delivery technology especially for RNA and DNA drugs which might have the potential to speed up clinical application of this new class of drugs."

Within this 6 months project Ionovation GmbH will analyze customer needs in depth, refine the business model and will partner with a contract manufacturer as part for preparing for the SME Instrument Phase II grant scheme application. 

About Ionovation GmbH

Founded in 2004, Ionovation represents a wealth of experience in the development and application of modern electrophysiological and fluorescence methods, combined with recent additions in the chemical modification of membrane-related molecules. Ionovation's IonoTec product line offers instrumentation, consumables, and services centered on membrane biophysics with instruments for the automated, reproducible, and hence routine-oriented generation of lipid bilayers for the analysis of biomembrane related phenomena. The IonoChem technology offers a broad spectrum of lipids for the lipophilisation of active pharmaceutical ingredients. It comprises various classes of lipids ranging from natural plant origin, like isoprenoids, to functionalised mono- and double tailed natural or (semi-)synthetic lipids. Ionovation GmbH holds the central patent family PCT/EP2013/069936 for this technology.

Dr. Karsten Gall
Ionovation GmbH
Westerbreite 7
49084 Osnabrück, Germany
Email: contact@ionovation.com
Phone: +49 (541) 9778-660
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 697259.

Source: www.ionovation.de